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What Clients say about us

Karthi Gowri - Sr. Manager - Tata Communications “It’s been a great experience working with Kalpavrksha & team! From understanding of the requirement to final closure.

Thanks for the support and long way to go!”

Seralathan Devaraju- Managing Director Kloud9’s a great association with you in finding the right leaders for us. It’s really impressive that you have closed in the positions with 3rd or 4th candidate itself in most cases.



Rohit Mundra - I had got an opportunity with Nutanix through Kalpavrksha Associates.

They were able to get a managerial discussion ahead of formal interview, to help me understand the job requirement better and prepare myself for the face-to-face discussion at Nutanix office.

They also provided ample information, to help me in preparation for the face-to-face discussion; it helped me overcome the anxiety of interview. Once the interview was done, they followed up with the organization and kept me posted on all developments. This resulted in faster processing of my profile and almost no wait for me to hear back from Company HR's.

Overall, it was a great experience to have them represent my profile with Nutanix.


Nischal Piratla - Head of Analytics India, Schlumberger, “I had a very refreshing experience with Kalpavrksha.



There are many executive recruitment talent acquisition providers out there, with various sizes and models. The new ones pop-up every month too. Kalpavrksha stands out as it can articulate to the candidate about the best fits and also does the same with employers. They spend good time understanding the candidate and what really drives their passion. They do not showcase profiles as part of “throwing many darts and hoping atleast one hits the target” approach. Each need on both ends is handled meticulously. This gave me a lot of confidence in them, as even an intent to pursue an opportunity also meant a very good fit for both ends. Moreover, during the offer processing, Kalpavrksha has been efficient with the best possible transparency and continuous communication.  Last but not the least, the personal touch during the conversations has really made the difference choosing and working with their team.”

What Candidates say about us

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