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Wow - 1

A retail Company approached us to build a new online POA terminal for their exciting customer, the skill was unique and niche to fill the roles which were open for couple of months. We met with the “Hiring Manager” to understand the challenges and reasons for those two positions being kept open for months. Once we captured that, we had to hard search & we were able to close, Architect and 5 more Positions, 100% fulfillment happened within 30 days of assignment signed. In fact, the customer was stunned that we could give them 6 relevant CVs in such short notice that they hired all the 6 candidates, instead 2 that they signed us for.

Wow - 2

One of the fastest growing technology companies was in customer crises, because of management change in the middle and senior leadership: we were then called in to support and help them in hiring “Engineering Leader” across multiple locations. We met with a hiring manager to understand the gaps they are seeing in the variety of candidates they met so far. Once we captures that, we were able to close five positions across all locations: again 100% fulfillment happened with 60days of assignment signed

Wow - 4
Wow - 3

“We approached our client who is a mid-size product development company; they were searching for a Director HR & VP Engineering for 3 months. We met with a hiring manager (who is based out of New York) to understand the gaps they saw in the variety of candidates they met so far. Once we captured that, we were able to close these two positions. Director HR and VP Engineering with 1:1 ratio and both joined after 60 days of notice period. Again 100% fulfillment happened within 90 days of contract signing”





Kalpavrksha was recommended for the world’s largest oilfield company to help them fill their vacancy for a Head of Analytics Position in India. Having relationships in place with the vast majority of the senior analytic industry leaders, the search for a head of Analytics had a strong focus from its beginning. Within hours a target list was drawn up and the search process had started. After several discussions and interviews with potential candidates, the client was presented with the best three industry’s leading Analytic heads, making it difficult for the client to choose between them. After extensive interviews, they created a center head role which they were not actively searching, since they got one of the finest talents who can run their India center. The client also made offers to all three candidates presented and Kalpavrksha worked closely with both parties to bring the search to a successful conclusion”. 




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