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We are in the business to help customers REACH out to best people for their strategic growth. We take the time to immerse ourselves in their business and learn the challenges they face. At times, we may challenge the thinking for making sure only the best people are considered. We remain with you as partners beyond the search. These deep, long-term partnerships provide us with the perspective to get each search right. And building those partnerships starts with a single conversation.

The first stage in our process is to hold an initial meeting to understand the needs, learn about the company, the journey so far and future business anticipation. This meeting will be a chance to evaluate Kalpavrksha’s capabilities & approach towards solving of the demanding Leadership Talent gap found currently.  From here, we will draw up a proposal detailing our initial thoughts, insights and based on the current market condition.  We will also share the estimated timescale and budget reflecting the needs and requirements.



Before we engage the candidate, we meet key stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company, people, business strategy, organization structure, culture and the role to be searched.

We use this meeting to gain a thorough understanding of the skills, experience the behavioral aspects and the future career potential of the ideal candidate. We use this information to produce a detailed assignment specification to share with searched candidates. This meeting can often include a behavioral assessment to benchmark candidates, a team or the board to ensure we appoint an individual who will culturally fit into the business.


Effective engagement is the key to our success. We are the talent consulting partners; our approach is that by doing the RIGHT THING, we will achieve the RIGHT RESULT for everyone. We will design and agree an engagement strategy to create frequent, open, transparent – conversations that will allow us to support the un-biased decision making.


We will have an initial discussion with the candidates who are passive, to determine the interest and suitability for the role and discuss about their background and aspirations. The next stage involves assessing candidates through face to face interaction to evaluate the technical competency, cultural compatibility & the behavioral aspect which will be done by our consultants internally.


We prefer face to face interaction of the shortlist candidates for interview. In addition to the candidates CV’s we provide snapshot and objective analysis of each Interviews done by our internal search consultants. Our aim is to give a fair & unbiased information about the candidates before F2F interaction done by customers, so that the time spent on screening the candidates get minimized and maximize time is invested in sharing the larger vision of the organisation and goals.


Once candidates identified for offer, we work closely to advise on a right remuneration package that will meet both the candidate expectation and ultimately customer objective. We act as a facilitator, securing a verbal acceptance of the offer, obtaining reference where required, and managing the process through to signed acceptance and before on boarding.


A successful Offer is not the end of the journey for us. From here, we have a defined communication plan both for our customer and for the candidate. This is to ensure that everyone derives value and success moving forward and issue is identified early and resolved quickly and effectively.

Talent Search is a process to invest in people to achieve the business objectives and our post assignment strategy considers and measures the return our customer is achieving on the Investment made

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