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By understanding how your organization operates, the structure and culture, we gain a greater insight into how we can tailor our processes and expertise to meet your needs. We do this with a confidential research project in which we gather market intelligence on both your company and your competitors. We offer this service as a stand-alone piece or the initial and crucial phase in a larger executive search assignment in order to identify the best Talents.


With extensive research and intelligence, the work we produce is tailored and targeted for you. From this, we can guide you with complete confidence, offer our opinions and make decisions together to benefit your company. Kalpavrksha always strives to offer more than just a transactional service. Along with comprehensive reports based on in-depth industry research, you’ll also receive support and assistance to help utilize this information and refine your goals.


This level of research is key to our success, we research deeper, uncover more information and find the best possible solutions. It is always our aim to go beyond what’s expected, to provide solutions that answer your challenges, saving you time and build lasting relationships based on trust and reliability.


Talent pipelining is the process of mapping and understanding an industry’s talent landscape, identifying and research deep into a network of high calibre individuals who match an agreed criteria, set by the client (defined capabilities, behaviours, previous experience, etc.) These aren’t individuals who are looking to make an immediate job change, and they’re not approached to do so. Instead, from the initial identification point, a trusted relationship is built. Ongoing communication is conducted with a view to nurturing and developing relationships, creating an engaged, known network of potential future employees who have the skills, experience, values and drive to fill senior and business critical roles.

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