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The core purpose is value addition to business – are we able to help the business hire the right talent by engaging more to understand the need and hence reduce their time spent in hiring is why Kalpavrksha exist.  Hire right, In less time - for the business.

“Our Vision is to be a trusted consultant in acquiring, aligning and enabling strategic leadership for growth”.

Providing industry's leading customer experiences and always look for means to exceed the expectations.

We do this by living our values: listening to our customer’s expectations, being accountable to fulfill our commitments; seeking to develop and    deliver innovative solutions, whilst acting with integrity at all times.



Strategic activities detailing ‘what’ needs to be done to achieve our vision and measure. This will form the part of our change program to align the business and get to where we want to be. We help Customers acquire the best talent, always ensuring they are aligned with cultural and strategic goals and we enable individuals and organizations to accelerate performance by guiding and equipping leaders to be the best they can be.

How we consistently respond when we carry out the `whats’ and work towards our vision and purpose. We engage with customers who align with our values and are equally motivated by building a long-lasting partnership. The more we understand the customer, the better solutions we can deliver to accelerate their performance.







We start with the end in mind.  With a clear focus on the outcome, both professionally & culturally, we are better able to understand where we are now and what steps will take us towards where we want to go, we are constantly looking to improve how we do things. Innovative thinking & Excellence in delivery is an inherent part of our day to day culture.

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